'In the northern ocean there is a fish, called the Kun, which is no one knows how many thousand li in size. This fish changes into a bird, called Peng (the roc), whose back spreads over no one knows how many thousand li.' - Zhuangzi (4th Century BC). The Zhuangzi Innner Chapters: The Happy Excursion


Yikun means the giant fish (Kun) with the roc wings rouses itself and soars into the sky.


Yikun Sports is based in Ningbo, China and is a specialized supplier for disc sports. The company is dedicated to supporting the development of disc sports by providing professional products and services (including media, tournaments, training and live stream).


In 2013, YikunSports team won the the University of Nottingham Alumni Laureate Award.

In 2015, YikunSports is in 2015 British Council Global Alumni Awards finalist. Britain's Prince William attended Education UK Alumni Awards ceremony and met one of our members.



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