Yikun Disc GolfTM insists on being 'professional and creative' of providing all level disc golfers with quality disc golf equipments including discs and targets. Yikun Disc GolfTM is young. But, the whole Yikun Team put great efforts on developing new disc moulds and plastics in order to meet the fast growing needs of disc golfers. 'Achieving Disc Golfing Perfection' is Yikun Disc GolfTM’s ever-lasting pursuit. 


Yikun Disc GolfTM currently sorts plastic blends into three catagories by using the ancient Chinese concept of the Four Spiritual Creatures (green dragon, red phoenix, white tiger and black tortoise) which were regarded as auspicious symbols having the apotropaic function of warding off the evil spirits.


FourSpiritualCreatureszhPDGA Approved

DragonLineDragon lineTM is specially produced with ultra-premium plastics. These discs have the same durability and better grip of Phoenix lineTM. The Dragon lineTM golf discs have unique metallic appearance.

PhoenixLinePhoenix lineTM is developed for long-term use. These discs are produced with premium plastics which give golf discs the best durability and cool appearance. All the Phoenix lineTM discs are transparent and cannot be easily damaged.


Tiger lineTM is developed mainly for all-weather play. These discs provide a great grip at affordable prices, and they are both suitable for beginners and professional players.

1490608781122558.jpgTortoise lineTM is developed for Yikun's overmold discs. These discs are constructed of two parts of plastic blends (core part and rim part). The rim part has higher density plastic than the core part in order to provide discs with larger rotational inertia than the traditional discs.


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